SureMap Management Meeting in Madrid, 4-6 July 2023.

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On 4-6 July 2023, the SureMap partners gathered in Madrid for the hybrid project meeting, organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (#UPM) in Spain.

The #UPM partners have prepared a schedule of #seminars and visits for the SureMap partners and experts. During the meeting, the consortium discussed the remaining tasks, including the closing reporting period which is closely ahead of us!

Thank you again to Leonor Rodríguez SinobasClara C., and Martin Cruz Gimenez Suarez for their great hospitality and work on the SureMap project!

The partners will meet each other soon in September for another meeting in #Aachen, Germany.

Until then, stay tuned for more info on the seminar content from the #UPM team in #Madrid!



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