Professional Master in Natural Resources Management for Desert Development by Aswan University (Registrations are Open)

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Study with Us!

The registrations for the Professional Master program in Natural Resources Management for Desert Development (NRMDD) are open for the 2023/2024 fall semester!

The Master’s program is offered by the Faculty of Agriculture – Aswan University.

The #NRMDD targets graduates of practical colleges such as agriculture, engineering, science, fisheries technology, and veterinary medicine to provide them with knowledge and skills in the fields of agriculture and land reclamation.

Application/ Language Requirements:

  • All teaching in the academic programs is in the English Language.
  • Have received a bachelor’s degree from the faculties of science, agriculture, fisheries technology, fisheries, veterinary medicine, and engineering, or equivalent from any of the universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Graduates with an undergraduate degree outside of the field of specialization may be accepted to a program with the approval of the Department Council and after having finished all additional courses and requirements set by the department.

Apply at:

Office of Graduate Studies Affairs, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources- Aswan University, Sahary, 81528 , Aswan, Egypt.

Deadline: 31 August 2023

Contact us:
Tel: (+2)097 3480245
Fax: (+2)097 3480245 fax

To inquire about program details, please contact the College Vice Dean for Graduate Studies.

Aswan University – Website Info link:

The SureMap Project is co-financed by the ErasmusPlus program of the European Union.

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