Professional Master in Natural Resources Management for Desert Development by Aswan University (Applications are Open)

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Study with Us!
Professional Master in Natural Resources Management for Desert Development (NRMDD)

by Aswan University

Program aims:

The NRMDD program targets graduates of practical colleges such as agriculture, engineering, science, fisheries technology, and veterinary medicine to provide them with knowledge and skills in the fields of agriculture and land reclamation.

Vision: A distinguished international program specialized in the management of natural and sustainable resources for the reclamation and cultivation of desert lands.
Mission: To qualify a distinguished graduate who is able to use modern technology and renewable energy to reclaim and cultivate desert lands.

Program structure: Study duration is two years (4 semesters). The student completes 60 ECTS of core courses, 30 ECTs of elective courses, and 30 ECTs for M.SC. thesis.


  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Water Resource Management
  • Sustainable Energy Resources and Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
  • Land Reclamation
  • Green Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness
  • Hydrology
  • Desertification and Soil Deterioration
  • Solar Energy
  • Smart Agricultural Applications in Desert Land


  • Food Quality Control
  • Water Quality Management
  • Hydraulics and Control
  • Computational Methods in Energy Technology
  • Economics of Reclamation Projects
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Sustainable Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Reclamation of degraded Soils
  • Machinery and Equipment’s for Land
  • Reclamation
  • Recycling of Agricultural Wastes
  • Sustainable Farming systems: Hydro and aquaponics



Application/ Language Requirements:

  • All teaching in the academic programs is in the English Language.
  • Have received a bachelor’s degree from science, agriculture, and/or engineering faculties with a minimum overall grade of “Good” from an Egyptian, Arab, or Foreign Higher Education Institution and is formally recognized and validated by the Supreme Council of Universities
  • Graduates with an undergraduate degree outside of the field of specialization may be accepted to a program with the approval of the Department Council and after having finished all additional courses and requirements set by the department.

Apply at:

Office of Graduate Studies Affairs, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural
Resources- Aswan University, Sahary,
81528 , Aswan, Egypt.

التقديم: بإدارة الدراسات العليا – كلية الزراعة والمورد الطبيعية- جامعة أسوان- صحاري-أسوان

Admission Deadlines: 31 August 2022

مواعيد التقديم : من 1 الى 30 أغسطس

Tel: (+2)097 3480245
Fax: (+2)097 3480245 fax

To inquire about program details, please contact the College Vice Dean for Graduate Studies.

NRMDD brochure:

SuReMap Consortium: NRMDD  is an outcome of the SureMap Erasmus+ project
that includes a consortium of 8 Egyptian and European universities. The program is cooperatively designed by the consortium, therefore; it has the advantage of the international and interdisciplinary perspective, European framework of recognition, and benefits from a wide network of participating professors from the following universities:
RWTH Aachen, Heliopolis University, Alexandria University, CITY College – Sheffield University, The American University in Cairo, University of Palermo, Aswan University, Technical University of Madrid.


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Mohamed Abo zaid · 19. August 2022 at 22:26

ممكن تفاصيل عن تكاليف البرنامج المادية و الاوراق المطلوبة للتقديم واخر موعد للتقديم ؟؟

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