New Master’s (MSc) on Natural Resources Sustainability for Land Development (NRSLD) by Alexandria University developed within the SureMap project.

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The SureMap project is proud to present the Master’s (MSc) on Natural Resources Sustainability for Land Development (NRSLD), offered by the Department of Environmental Science at the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University and developed by Prof. Dr. Marwa Waseem Halmy and the SureMap Project under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Hani Sewilam.The #NRSLD program aims to prepare students with the knowledge and experience for the management and sustainable development of drylands’ natural resources in the local, regional, and international related sectors.

Admission Requirements:
Holds a B.Sc. in science, agriculture, or engineering with a minimum CGPA of 2.33 (Good) from an Egyptian, Arab, or Foreign Higher Education Institution.

Apply at:
Office of Graduate Studies Affiars
Faculty of Science – Alexandria University
1 Bagdad Street, Moharram Beck
21511 Alexandria, Egypt
mob: +20 102 294 2244

Contact us:

  • Dr. Marwa Waseem A. Halmy,
  • Ms Amira Ahmed Maher Hotaiba,

Mobile: +201201096395

Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science  – Alexandria University


The SureMap Project is co-financed by the #ErasmusPlus program of the European Union.


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