M.Sc. in Natural Resources Sustainability for Land Development (NRSLD) by Alexandria University (Applications are open)

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Admissions are now open!
M.Sc. in Natural Resources Sustainability for Land Development (NRSLD) by Alexandria University.


The NRSLD Master’s program was developed within the SureMap project (Sustainable Resource Management Programme to solve Deserted Challenges), which is co-funded by Erasmus+ and aims to establish interdisciplinary programs that train students to address water, energy & food-related challenges in “Egypt’s 2030 strategy”. It is one of the 4 programs that have been created within SureMap, among 3 other Master’s degrees and 1 Diploma, that will be running through other Egyptian Universities (Aswan University, The American University in Cairo, and Heliopolis University).

Program Vision:
The NRSLD program aims to prepare students with the knowledge and experience for the management and sustainable development of drylands’ natural resources in the local, regional, and international related sectors.

Program Mission:
The Faculty of Science through the NRSLD program seeks to qualify the graduates to be competitive at local, regional, and international levels, by creating an appropriate educational environment and fostering ethically, scientifically and professionally sound approaches that enable graduates to serve the community and the institutions closely related to sustainable development plans.

Program Structure:

NRSLD is designed to comply with the Bologna Declaration ad according to the demands of the strategic Frameworks for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020).

The student completes 60 ECTS of core courses, 30 ECTs of elective courses, and 30 ECTS for M.Sc. thesis.

Semester 1 & 2: 60 ECTS core courses

  • Introduction to Sustainability Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Water Resources Management
  • Sustainable Energy Resources and Management
  • Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands
  • Sustainable Farming Systems: Hydro and Aquaponics
  • Green Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness
  • Environmental Hydrology
  • Projects Management
  • Scientific Methodologies and Research Ethics

Semester 3: Select 30 ECTS of Elective Courses

Semester 4: 30 ECTS for M.Sc. thesis

Admission requirement:
Holds a B.Sc. in science, agriculture, or engineering with a minimum CGPA of 2.33 (Good) from an Egyptian, Arab, or Foreign Higher Education Institution.

English is the medium of instruction. Students are expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of English proficiency.

Admission process:
The program is offered by the Faculty of Science/Alexandria University (Fall 2022). The applicant has to apply through the Office of Graduate Studies Affairs at the Faculty of Science/Alexandria University.

Address: 1 Baghdad st, Moharram Bek, Faculty of Sciences, Alexandria, Egypt.

Admission Deadlines:  8 September 2022

اخر موعد للتقديم 8/9/2022

Dr. Marwa Waseem A. Halmy
Ms. Amira Ahmed Maher Hotaiba
mob: +201201096395
Department of Environmental Science Faculty of Science – Alexandria University

Communication via WhatsApp: No.  (+201017156337) 

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النشرة الإعلانية باللغة العربية:

SuReMap Consortium: NRSLD is an outcome of the SureMap Erasmus+ project
that includes a consortium of 8 Egyptian and European universities. The program is cooperatively designed by the consortium, therefore; it has the advantage of the international and interdisciplinary perspective, European framework of recognition, and benefits from a wide network of participating professors from the following universities:
RWTH Aachen, Heliopolis University, Alexandria University, CITY College – Sheffield University, The American University in Cairo, University of Palermo, Aswan University, Technical University of Madrid.


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